Forever Affiliate Review Part 4: Putting Stuff into the Funnel

by admin on March 5, 2013

The second part of “Phase 1” is called “putting stuff into the funnel. There are total 10 videos. In this section, Andrew discusses how to use Forever Affiliate techniques to find potential products to promote. The good thing is, you don’t have to to watch the video in order. You can go through the list and see which technique suits you best. I glance through the list and think I may already know some of the techniques. As mentioned earlier I am not particularly interested in niche research. Everyday I find more profitable niche than I have time to build websites for. However, I bought Forever Affiliate with the aim of implrementation. So I go ahead to read the content and review it anyway.

Note that I may ammend the title of each video so that I don’t give away too much information. I will also give away some of my profitable tips, so here go:

Video #1: Where affiliates like us really make money

In this videos, Andrew talks about the top 5 profitable market where he and his studets make money. I personally made money in area #1, #2 and #5 so I know what Andrew said is true. I am a little surprise to see him mention a profitable market that I don’t know – area #3. I didn’t know you can make good money in this market. I am not sure how to find ideas in this market, and Andrew did not show any example. Also, area #4 is something new to me. This market seems obscure but I know people are making money with it. You can tell easily by the number of advertisers online and offline. It’s also easy to find affiliate programs for this market.

What I like most about this video is when Andrew talks about market to avoid. These markets have lucrative affiliate offer, but they may not be the best converting. I personally have not tackle these nor I plan to. However it’s good to know for future reference.

[Tip: one niche that always has been highly profitable is relationship advice, including dating, get your ex back, pick-up tips. This market is huge and full of desperate people who are willing to pay for solid advice. What’s more, there are tons of solid affiliate offers with lucrative payout!]

Video #2: Following the market trend

In the salges page of Forever Affiliate, Andrew mentioned he’s going to teach us “how to uncover those big markets before they get big and then ride the wave of pofitability”. This video shows you just that. He says you should follow a group of people to find out market/products that are about the become popular. Andrew goes on to teach us how to find potential ideas from a social media website. I don’t use this site but I am sure many of you do. It’s very popular.

This strategy is nothing new to me, although I was not aware you can use this particular website to locate profitable ideas! This strategy is my favourite because it can be extremely profitable. Let me explain: when a new product comes and is due for media exposure, a lot of people will go online to conduct research on the product. Most affiliates won’t promote the product because your average keywords tool will show “zero” searches for that product name and its related keywords! Hence, there’s little to no competition in search engine. You can rank a site quickly and reap the traffic before other affiliates do! I’d say this is the fastest way for any newbie to make money online. This strategy is widely used to promote internet marketing launch. Based on my experience, it’s not the best niche. You will have far better chance in other niche like forex, weight loss and self-help.

Tips: In this video Andrew talks about only one strategy to gauge market trend. Here I am going to share another tip to find out new products: TV, newspaper, and magazine. You will want to pay attention to any new and featured product on offline media. For example, Sony recently announched that they are going to release PS4 for “holiday 2013”. Though the specific date is not annouched, you can build a site on PS4 now and reap the rewards later. I am not sure if Sony has an in-house affiliate progrma, but you can promote the preorder of PS4 via Amazon. Some of the buyers will end up buying other stuff too, thus increasing your commissions, especially during holiday season. Alternatively, you can slash up some Adsense ads or CPA offers to make some quick bucks!

Note: as mentioned earlier, I have more potential keywords that I have time to pursue. If you buy Forever Affiliate via my link, let me know and I will send you 10 list of product keywords with great potentials (these are products are getting popular, and there’s very little competition in search engine). The copy is limited to 15 people only.
Video #3: Looking differently at Clickbank Offer

I generally avoid promoting Clickbank offers. The ones worth promoting (with high grativity) are too competitive! In this Video Andrew tells us why Clickbank offers with high gravity are not always the best, and what we should promote instead. Here I learn a tip on finding profitable offers without too much competition.

Video #4: Grabbing idea from others

Andrews introduces a site where we can learn about new products in our niche. This site is own by another famous marketer. I go to the site he mentions, and it doesn’t list my niche (health and fitness). I have to choose the closest, somewhat relevent category. I glance through the list and don’t find too many promising products. I pick up a product that I have never heart of and do a quick analysis using Forever Affiliate formula. The result shows that it’s not something worth pursuing.

Video #5: Ferreting out private affiliate programs

Here Andrew explains why private affiliate programs are the best. I can confirm this is true because my most profitable affiliates offers are private affiliate programs. Andrew tells us the major software most in-house affiliate programs use, and how to locate these offers with Google. I head over to Google for a quick search, but fail to find any potential keywords. However Andrew says we need to dig deper and refine our search terms. Guess I will try again later. The explaination in this video is not detailed enough. I hope Andrew will give us an example or two!

Video 6 & 7: Affiliate Resource Video

In this section, Andrew recommends us affiliate to use a resource website for research. If you read his blog, you may have heard about the name before. I never really pay attention to this website though. Well It seems that Video 6 is targetted to people like me, people who are brand new to the site. He shows us where to look for potential products to promote before we proceed to further research (as stated in video 1, phase 1). He also tells us the type of offers we should avoid, and we should pay attention to certain “magic words”.

If you already have a niche wish to tackle, you will want to watch video 7 instead. In this video, Andrew shows you how to spot the common patterns among the offers in a specific niche. You can use this data to find new offers. Also, Andrew says his methods are going to save you time in network application.

So Now I do what Andrew show in the videos, and I find some potential offers. However, I find some of the offers put consumers into autoship programs where they are automatically added to recurring billing program. I am not sure I want to promote offers like this as many are borderline scam. Understandbly, not all autoship programs are bad. You will need to do extra work to weed out the bad guys. Besides, I don’t find some offers to be too pleasant. The claims are just too.. hypey! Although these offers fit the criteria of Forever Affiliate formula, I decide to skip them.

Video 8: Sourcing “ready to pop” affiliate niche and affiliate offers

So far this is my favourite video. Here Andrew mentions a website where we can find products that are about to become popular very soon. I can’t reveal too much about the site but the data seem to be very reliable. I’ve never heard of this website and I am glad to pick up this tip! I take a glance of the list and find that most featured items are physical products. It’s a good place to locate obscure but profitable niche.

Video 9: Lateral Thinking Niche Discovery

In this video, Andrew shows us how to think outside the box to discover new niche. Spefically, you will learn how to find out common terms used by your target audience. He also teaches us to find profitable non-product related keywords. He shows us an example with the website he mentioned in video 6 & 7.

Video 10: Amazon’s alternatively

In this video, Andrew admits that he’s not a big fan of Amazon for some reasons. He shows us how to use Amazon to locate high priced items and promote them via other affiliate programs. Here he doesn’t state the exact number and price point, but I’d say go for products with reviews of at least 3 stars, and they should be priced at least $150.

Thought: I can see why Andrew doesn’t promote Amazon. His reason is completely valid. However, I find Amazon associate program to convert really well. Many people end up buying more items, especially during holiday season.

Summary of Review

So what’s the bottom line?

It took me almost 2 days to review all the videos in phase 1. I am happy with what I learned so far. Though I already knew some of the tips, I manage to pick up quite a number of nuggets. There are parts that I don’t like, so hopefully Andrew can improve on those. If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, I think this part is going to open your eyes to a lot of possibilities.

Andrew mentions that by the end of Phase 1, you should be able to locate at least 5 affiliate offers on your niche. I read from forums that some people have trouble doing so. If it happens to you, you may want to buy via my link, and I will help you to find the 5 offers.

In the next few days I will post my reviews on remaining section, so stay tune! Please subscribe to my newsletter for latest update! 🙂

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