Income at Home Reviews: Is a Scam?

by admin on July 5, 2011

You probably land on this page because you are looking for more information about the money-making program from the website: This program is heavily advertised on different radio shows. According to the claims made on, many people earn 6-figure incomes, working at the comfort from their home! What’s more, this program is endorsed by Dr. Laura, Sean Hannity, Shirley Strawberry, George Noory and Mike Gallagher.

Now the question is: does Income At Home really work? Specifically, will you make money? Read on to find out the real scoop!

Income At Home Program: what it is all about?
On, they never mention about the details and nature of the business, what you will see is bunch of “success stories”. The sales copy is pretty vague too, preying on your hopes. After all, who doesn’t want to make a nice living from home? To learn the method, you are required to pay $9.95 (non-refundable shipping fee) for a “training package”. If you decide to keep the package after 14 days, you will be charged $39.95 every month.

The training package consists of an hour long DVD which is full of motivational bullshits. At the same time, the company will arrange the so called “coach” to explain the system to you. Before you know it, the “coach” will spam you and call you frequently up-sell you to full Herbalife business package, which may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. That’s right: the Income At Home Program is nothing but Herbalife business opportunity!

Now let’s get something straight, I don’t despise Herbalife. I actually own some of the products and think they are well worth the money. Regardless, I think should be honest with its association with Herbalife right from the start.

The Privacy Issues
If you examine the website properly, you will notice a small print with the following statements:

“After we sell, license, transfer, and/or share your information with our affiliated companies, any of the Advertising Businesses, or any third parties, we do not have control over how they will use, collect, and/or disseminate your information.”

“However, you understand and agree that we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these other websites, and you agree that we are not responsible for how such information is ultimately used.”

In other words, the company behind Income At Home program┬ámay sell your data away! Many people who sign up for this program constantly received annoying calls and emails from the “coaches”, who are actually commission-based sales agents. What’s worse, most “coaches” have never make money from the opportunity they promote! They talk the talk, but walk the talk.

As heard on Dr Laura and Sean Hannity? You may think that products advertised on radio have some credibility, but nothing can be further from the truth! You should take the endorsement with grain of salts. Personally I’d not buy the hype unless Dr. Laura and Sean Hannity show the proof that they personally tested the system.

So what now? If you are still interested in Herbalife business, just fork up $55 for basic distributorship kit. Keep in mind that those who earn good money with MLM are at the top of the levels. Herbalife has been in the long time, and the market is saturated with distributors.

You may earn money, if you are extremely skillful in sales, and are willing to put in long hours. For total beginner, chances are, you will make little to no money.

If you order the training package from Income At Home Program, you can return the package to the address listed below to prevent future charge. Don’t waste your time with the chat agents on homepage because it’s a robot!

E-Business – Distribution
2850 S. Roosevelt
Suite 102
Tempe, AZ 8538

If you are looking for legitimate ways to make money online, I recommend Forever Affiliate course. You can read my reviews here.

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Debbie September 28, 2011 at 12:31 am

Be ware.. The entire sales letter is a misrepresentation of what the program really is.

It is not simply post links and get paid $15.00 for each link posted. What it really is is if someone buys from that link you will get paid $15.00 so it’s really a learn how to sell on the internet and cross your fingers program.


Debbie September 28, 2011 at 12:32 am

Oh, PS: you get paid UPTO $15.00 not $15.00.


Sarah August 6, 2012 at 1:42 pm

BEWARE! My senior citizen mother signed up for this program after hearing it on Hannity’s radio show. She spent a lot of money just to find out what the program is and then the “coach” assigned to her, belittled her and verbally harrassed her when she had to quit because she isn’t internet/computer savy enough to keep up with what the program requires. After looking over this program’s packet, I have concluded that the only people that make money are the coaches that get other people to by into their BS. Run fast away from this scam!!!


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